Sea2Sea remembers the fallen

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The names of our fallen soldiers are not being forgotten.  For the past several weeks, Tom Von Kaenel  has been riding his bike in remembrance of American and British veterans as part of the Sea-2-Sea charity program.

Starting his journey in England, Von Kaenel flew to the state of Washington and is biking across the country to Washington, D.C.   Along his route, he meets locals and makes stops to perform Remembrance Ceremonies, reading aloud the names of more than 7-thousand fallen soldiers.  Thursday’s ceremony took place at Mount Rushmore.  Von Kaenel says, “Although this is an informal and very joyful celebration as we go across our journey, there’s one non-negotiable. The non-negotiable is that before we ride, we will remember people and we will call out every name and we will not stop until we finish calling these names out. They’ll all be called out by the 4th of July.”   Von Kaenel says the final names will be read on July 4th at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.As part of his journey, Von Kaenel and the Sea-2-Sea organization are looking to raise $10 million dollars or 5 million pounds for various veterans’ charities in the U.S. and the U.K.

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