One of Sea2Sea’s Oldest Supporters


Here is a wonderful photo of one of Sea2Sea’s older supporters, Sallie, born on Aug 16, 1924, one of thirteen children to ‘Bub’ & Minnie Lee Jameson, farmers in upstate SC.  Seven sons and a daughter served in the US Military, six during World War II and one was killed in a bombing raid over Austria.

Her husband saw combat as an infantryman in World War II & Korea, and she has four sons, all who served in the military.

What makes her special to me is that she’s my Mom.  So to my dear Mother as I pedal away today, I’ll promise not to bicycle on the interstate if you promise me to go to all your doctors’ appointments.  See you in July.  Love, Thomas.

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2 Responses to One of Sea2Sea’s Oldest Supporters

  1. harry & margaaaret waldrop says:

    proud of sister Sallie and nephew Tom -stay safe -we send our prayers

  2. Cyndi Martin freeman says:

    So proud of you! Just found out through chandler’s mention. Will be reading every word Can’t wait to follow each day’s post.
    Congrats to Greg!
    (So new at all of this). Saw he biked 102 miles?!!!
    You guys rock!
    Prayers follow for your safe travel.