Meet Kevin Campbell – walking across America

IMG_1622I met Kevin in Kingsland, GA on Mar 7th as I was finding a local hotel for the night.  He was one of those people that never knows a stranger and his engaging manner soon had me asking more questions of him than he had of me.

Kevin, originally from Boston, was diagnosed with macular degeneration six years with the prognosis of permanent blindness within ten years.

Most people, when confronted with this may adopt a ‘why me’ attitude, but not Kevin.  He said that he saw this an opportunity to see America, the country that he loves so much, so, he started WALKING from Seattle, Washington to the east coast, nine months ago, going one day at a time, working odd jobs to pay his way.

He carries a map, backpack, an atlas, an umbrella, & bin0culars as his eyesight is failing him.  He refuses donations and once he gets enough money from odd jobs, continues to walk to achieve his goal.

He said that his grandmother, who was Irish always told him, ‘Kevin, you must go out to see the world as it will not come to see you’.

Well, Kevin, you’re doing more than that, you’re providing a great example to all of us to explore this great country and get to know its people, one step and one smile at a time.

Thanks for continuing to inspire me on my journey.  Godspeed on your journey and its successful conclusion.

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