Give back to those who served. Our mission is to raise awareness of the sacrifices that US & UK service members, veterans, & their families have made since 09/11

I. SITUATION  (Governing Circumstances to Which We Now Respond):

The United States and Great Britain along with their allies have  all been at war since September 11, 2001. The terror attacks on that day killed  2,977 citizens from 58 countries from around the world. They triggered the subsequent invasion of  Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and of Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom).  This conflict, the longest in US history and one of the longest in British  history, has cost an estimated £1,285 trillion (More than $2 Trillion) for the  US and £18 billion (More than $25 Billion) for the UK.

Although the war has presented our nations’ citizens and  taxpayers an enormous financial burden, it pales in its meaning when compared  to the sacrifices borne by our soldiers, their families, friends and  communities, Theirs is a cost paid in blood  and trauma the average individual has little basis genuinely to  comprehend. Theirs is the price paid in lost  lives, physical, emotional and psychological injuries and wounds that are  nothing less than life changing; theirs is the price paid in long separations  from families and loved one brought about by numerous deployments over the last  decade. The human cost of war is always both enormous and inestimable. The attacks of September 11, 2001 brought a  war that is no different. The situation  thus becomes a question: is it possible  to repay the selfless service and the lonely sacrifices war has brought to our  nation’s soldiers and to the soldier community?

II. MISSION (What We Are Doing About It):

The Sea2Sea Foundation is bicycling 4,200 miles to raise  national and international awareness of our soldiers’ sacrifices, the  sacrifices of their families, their friends and their communities in answering  the call to war since September 11, 2001.  Our cycling team departed from Brize Norton, Oxfordshire England on April  21, 2012 to cycle across the continental United States. We will return to Oxfordshire on July 8, 2012.

III. EXECUTION (How We Are Doing It):

  • Intent
  1. Raise national and  international awareness that British and American service members, veterans,  and their families have made since 9/11.
  2. Raise £5,000,000 to  benefit the various UK service member and veteran charity organizations (ie,  Army Benevolent Fund, British Legion, Help for Heroes) and $10,000,000 for the  various US service member and veteran charity organizations (ie, Paralyzed Veterans  of America, Wounded Warriors).

Funds  raised through sponsorship will be paid direct to the charities through their  respective web sites.

B. Overall Concept of the Operation

21.04.12  Start at Brize Norton, Oxfordshire with a cycle ride to London Heathrow (LHR)  Airport taking a flight to Seattle 21.04.12 2 days in the Seattle area 24.04.12  The team will push off from Copalis Beach, Washington heading east 04.07.12  Finish at Washington DC on 4thJuly 06.07.12 Fly back to London Heathrow and cycling back to  Brize Norton via Aldershot at Royal Wootton Bassett 08.07.12 Arrive back at  Brize Norton

  1. Scheme of maneuver –  daily scheme of maneuver to be published (TBP)
  2. Fire Support Plan –  not applicable until 4th of July 2012.

C. Tasks -TBP

D. Coordination –TBP

IV. ADMINISTRATION/LOGISTICS (Some of the  Supporting Details):

A.  Administration

B. Logistics –Food, Liquids, Puncture Repair Kit, & Lodging-  TBP

V. COMMAND & SIGNAL (Leadership Activities  and Communications)

A.Signal- TBP

B .Command

  1. Location of Key  Leaders (Cycling Shepherds into & out of towns & villages, Honorary  Ride Director for each day, Daily Safety Director, Route Coordinator, Designated  Local Cycling Teams) –TBP.
  2. Chain of  Command/Succession of Command -TBP

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