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The Sea2Sea Foundation

“Giving back to those who served”


Who we are:

Sea2Sea is a US Military 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2012. Its purpose is to “Give Back to Those Who Served”, specifically highlighting the sacrifices that US service members, veterans, and their families have made since 9/11, and turning this awareness into action to benefit them.

We do this by organizing bicycling events across the the US, partnering with selected US Military 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to achieve valued added outcomes for their own organizations.

What we have done:

The first ‘Sea2Sea Challenge’ occurred in 2012 when a core team of cyclists cycled from Ocean Shores, Washington on April 21st, and cycled across the US to complete their journey at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC on July 4th, cycling 4200 miles in 74 days.

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We met with thousands of supporters, active service members, veterans, their families, and sadly those family members of those military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and its citizens. Sea2sea had daily memorial ceremonies for those who gave their lives for us.

Church and civic organizations as well as individuals helped us achieve our goal by guiding us along the way by serving as guides and organizers for each day of the journey as well as cycling with us.

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What we are doing now:

We are currently riding across the United States, 6600 Miles, starting in Tom’s hometown in South Carolina, down to the Florida Keys, and up to Juneau, Alaska. This is our 2nd trip from Sea2Sea.

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Why We are Doing it:

We have two goals for this event:

  1. To remember those who are no longer with us – we are starting a long range program to establish an Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial in each US State listing the names of those who gave their lives for us in these conflicts, with the eventual goal of a national Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial in Washington, D.C. We feel that it is important to list the names at a memorial in each US State so we have an enduring memorial of their sacrifice.
  2. To continue to help those they left behind – Partnering with selected 501(c)3 organizations (for example: The Wounded Warrior Project, Upstate Warrior Solutions, American Gold Star Mothers, Gold Star Wives) across the country, we will continue to highlight the challenges the service members, veterans, and their families face and how all of us can help.

How We are Doing it:

As our goal is 100% of donations go to those who need it (military charities or individuals), we will be keeping operating costs at a minimum. As this is a self-supported journey (we are carrying our ‘stuff’ with us) we are asking that:

  • Accommodation – Church and civic organizations provide the core team (those cycling multiple days) a place or overnight accommodation (for example, a church hall), and a place to shower.
  • Local Knowledge and Support – Local cycling clubs and team as guides to get us safely from Point A (Departure Point) to Point B (Arrival Point) for the day.
  • Support & Gear (SAG) Vehicle – Local organizations provide, as possible, a SAG (support & gear) wagon for a day during the journey. It may only be a truck or minivan, and its purpose is to provide quick response in case of accidents or incidents. This is a needed safety measure for each day of our ride.
  • Publicity – A local point of contact for each day to contact local radio, television, and newspaper organizations in advance.

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